Championship Airwaves Wrestling

August 30, 2017, CAW Episode 174: We are live on Championship Airwaves Wrestling and welcome to our August PPV Domination 8! Our first match is match 2 of the best of 3 between Ramone Rodriguez and Brett Towers! Wow! Craig Hughes will defend the CAW Intergalactic Title against Boris Bolov! Wow! Our great CAW Millenium Champion Kevin Whittaker will defend his title versus "Judge" Joe Blackmon! Wow! Wow! The Dojo defend their great CAW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles versus The Sunken Ship! Wow! Wow! And our main event is our new CAW World Heavyweight Champion Blaine Burdock going 1 on 1 with Mondo Powers for the World Title! Wow! Wow! All this and much more today on a great CAW 174! Wow X 7 Wow X 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow X 7 Wow X 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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