Championship Airwaves Wrestling

April 30, 2016, CAW Episode 142: We are live on Championship Airwaves Wrestling and welcome to our April PPV Victory 6! Wow!!!! Wow!!!! Wow!!!! Wow!!!! Today's show features a main event between CAW World Heavyweight Champion Craig Hughes and our great challenger Mondo Powers! Wow! We also have our annual special CAW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles Scramble Battle Royale all for the titles! Wow! The CAW Intergalactic Title is on the line as the great champion Ace Fury will take SAW COO and wrestler Sal Velotta! Wow! An Aerial Masterpiece Match will put the CAW Millenium Title on the line as new and great champion Kevin Whittaker will take on Yancy Quail, David Domingo, and Judge Joe Blackmon! Wow! And a special dice roll matchup between Jeff Dynamite and Boris Bolov! All this and much more today on CAW! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

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