Championship Airwaves Wrestling

May 22, 2014, CAW Episode 96: We are live and welcome to Championship Airwaves Wrestling! At our May PPV May-Hem 4 we have a great show today! American Gladiators will kick things off versus Voda and Lane! Wow! The CAW Intergalactic Title is on the line as a great champion Venti will take on fellow friend and good guy Yancy Quail in a great match! Wow! A CAW World Heavyweight Tag Team title matchup will be champions The Greatest Show on Earth versus The Sunken Ship! Wow! CAW Millenium great champion Axel Flash will take on Shadow Stevens! Wow! And a very epic and great main event as a CAW World Heavyweight champion David Domingo will take on fellow friend and good guy Landell Hurg all for the world title! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! All this today and much more on CAW Episode 96 a May PPV May-Hem 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! CAW! CAW! CAW! CAW! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!


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