Championship Airwaves Wrestling

April 30, 2013: CAW Episode 70: We are live on Episode 70 and the April PPV Victory 3! Thank you to my brother Sal for being a special guest commentator! A huge record card for 7 matches! Landell Hurg squares off in an epic match against Boris Bolov, Kenny Voda versus Dante, and Ryan Titus versus Daniel Valentino in a special dice roll match, the first ever Fighters Challenge Match, where you keep your opponent down for 14 seconds! Also, we have the first ever dice roll match that leads to a Magazine Alley Match between Mick Doby and Nick Wreck, the Aerial Masterpiece Match between Axel Flash, David Domingo, Yancy Quail, and Shadow Stevens for the CAW Millenium Title, and The Greatest Show on Earth defends the CAW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles in the CAW World Heavyweight Tag Titles Scramble Battle Royale versus Titus and Grunt, The Sunken Ship, The Valentino Gang, the American Gladiators, and the Street Corner Prophets! Also, in the main event record match 7 the CAW World Heavyweight Champion Axel Flash defends the title against Master Blaine for the first time! All this and much more tonight on CAW! CAW! CAW! CAW! CAW! CAW!


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