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November 15, 2012, CAW Episode 60: It's turkey with a side of body slams part 3!! Welcome to Thankstaking 3!! Today we have a special guest commentator Brandon! Today's card is rounded out by the feast of match between the team of Landell Hurg and Mondo Powers versus Miswa Moramato and Shadow Stevens! Also, The Greatest Show on Earth defend their CAW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles versus The Street Corner Prophets, the team of Yancy Quail and Anthony Allmon take on Voda and Lane, Dante takes on Mick Doby and Nitro of the American Gladiators in a huge match, and Round 3 of the 3rd ever CAW Millenium Title Tournament takes place as the team of Axel Flash and Ramone Rodriguez takes on Kevin Whittaker and Craig Hughes, all this and much more at the November PPV Thankstaking 3!! And we also get set for the special Ang Live for the Hungry event coming up!!!!! CAW! CAW! CAW! CAW!


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