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April 30, 2012, CAW Episode 46: In this episode we have a wild ride in the April PPV Victory 2! We have a main event between Landell Hurg and Joe "The Sludge" Blackmon, and if Joe wins the title then The Dark Alliance is no more, but if Joe loses the match he doesn't get another title shot, but The Dark Alliance gets to stay a group! Also, the CAW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles Scramble Battle Royale has the champions The Dark Alliance, defend against The Sunken Ship, The Greatest Show on Earth, The Street Corner Prophets, The American Gladiators and The Valentino Gang with the titles all on the line! And finally, the CAW Millennium Title is up for grabs in a new and exciting match the Aerial Masterpiece match! Shadow Stevens defends in a 4 way against challengers Yancy Quail, David Domingo, and Axel Flash! All this and much more today on CAW Victory 2!


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