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September 30, 2011 CAW Episode 32: Welcome to The Rise of Fall 2!Brought to you by our sponsor Chili's Fire Pit! At this epic PPV Mondo Powers gets a chance just like last year to fight for the CAW World Heavweight Title! But he'll have to fight The Dark Alliance's Shadow Stevens! Can he do it and win and bring the title home? Also, two fan favorite tag teams will sqaure off as the CAW World Heavyweight Tag Team champions the American Gladiators defend them respectfully against The Greatest Show on Earth! The CAW Millenium Title tournament kicks off with a 4 way match including Kevin Whittaker, Craig Hughes, Ramone Rodriguez and Axel Flash, Yancy Quail takes on Master Blaine in a grudge match, and so does Landell Hurg take on Joe "The Sludge" Blackmon in a grudge match too! All this and much more today at The Rise of Fall 2!

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